Better Baking: Quick Decorating for Cakes and Pies

Today we're going to peek into the baking and pastry school. This practical baking class may have you decorating beautiful pies and cakes in no time.

No-Drip Decorating

Frost your cake and spare the platter! Cut four strips of wax paper about two inches wide and place them around the edge of your cake, then apply the icing or glaze. Any drops will fall on the strips, which can then be slipped away - leaving a perfectly clean platter.

Easy-Over Pie Crust

  • For a perfect pie crust, roll the dough out on a sheet of waxed paper, cut to size, and remove the trimmings.
  • Cut a perfect circle in the center, and three or four air vents. Better yet, use cookie cutters for a whimsical design.
  • Now pick up the crust, paper and all, and turn it over carefully onto the top of your pie. Peel off the wax paper and admire your perfect crust!

From Plain Cake to Lace Cake

Powdered sugar becomes a lacy design if you first place a paper doily over the top of your cake. Sift powdered sugar over the top, then carefully lift the doily away. The pattern will be transferred onto the cake. Or make your own paper cutouts instead of the doily for a unique design.

Keep the Juices In

When making a pie with very juicy fruits or berries, add the sugar at the last minute, once the oven is heated and the pie is ready to fill. Otherwise, the sugar will pull out the juices, producing a soggy bottom crust.

And finally...

So you've never had any formal baking training? Collect our tips on this site and pretty soon your guests may be asking where you went to baking school! Better yet, use these tips to prepare for your own baking school education from some of the schools listed on this site. You may turn your hobby of baking into a career!

See you next week with more great tips from the Culinary Institutes Web site.