Why should i Go for the Pastry?

Some home cooks balk when it comes to pastry, thinking it's just too hard. Not at all! Here are some ideas to make you love your home pastry chef job.

Easier than Pie

No time to make a beautiful pie? Make a galette instead. Roll out a pastry round. Place raw blueberries or apple slices in the center, sprinkle with sugar, and fold the edges up to partially cover. Bake like a pie.

Spectacular Meringue Basket

Whip 4 egg whites until foamy. Add � cup of sugar slowly, beating to form stiff peaks. Beat in 1 tsp vanilla and 1 � tsp cornstarch.

Draw three 10-inch circles on waxed paper and butter lightly. Fill a plastic bag with meringue. Cut off one corner. Pipe a circle for the bottom and two rings for the sides. Bake at 225� for about 2 hours, until dry. Turn oven off, leaving meringue another 2 hours.

To serve, layer the circle and the two rings to form a basket. Fill with strawberries and cream or any combination of fruit and ice cream. Garnish with nuts, mint leaves or chocolate drizzle. Gorgeous!

Pastry S.O.S.

So your cake is lopsided? Slice and serve it on a platter. Decorate with fruits, whipped cream, rum sauce, chocolate, or powdered sugar.

If your cake sank in the middle but is fine on the edges, turn it into a surprise ice cream cake. Cut out the center, reserving the crust, and fill with ice cream. Place the bit of crust over the ice cream, then frost and decorate as usual.

Pave a Road to Pastry Class...

If you want to master the art of pastry making, consider taking a pastry class. Pastry schools are some of the most exciting places for a food-lover. Or, to learn at home, start by mastering one or two recipes. Nothing motivates like success.