From Nuts to Donuts for Indiana Baking School

Imagine taking a bread baking class where delusional patients once roamed the halls and wards. You might just do that if you go to baking school in Evansville, Indiana, where city officials are entertaining a proposal that would turn some of the buildings at the abandoned Evansville State Hospital into a non-profit center for students pursuing baking careers.

A New Baking School Rises

The old State Hospital complex was replaced by other facilities many years ago; some of the buildings have long since been torn down. Now a proposal by a successful bread baking entrepreneur may see some of the old wards transformed into classrooms. The wrecking ball has been haulted on the remaining buildings until the Evansville State Hospital Advisory Committee studies the baking school proposal.

The plan put forth by the local bakery owner would be a boon to students from all over the country who wanted to study for a baking career. The new baking school would teach the art of natural baking. The idea is to offer bread baking classes that focus on baking handmade breads and pastries using natural ingredients.

The Museum of Fine (Baking) Arts

The new baking center would also feature a center that could educate visitors about the art of baking. The centerpiece of the baking school plan would be the hospital's original bakery, constructed in 1907. The area would be landscaped with herbs and flowers. According to the plan, the non-profit center would be built using donated equipment and supported by selling the baked goods created by the students in the pastry and bread baking classes.