Culinary Arts & Craft: A Pastry Chef Career

Trained chefs can create spectacular dishes from a wide range of ingredients. However, the variety of culinary arts creations produced by graduates of pastry chef schools is the most dramatic of all. In a pastry chef career you will probably be expected to make the perfect Madeleine--a small cake the size of your little finger--as well as a six-foot tall dessert sculpture made of sugar and chocolate.

A Pastry Chef Career Is a Culinary Arts Adventure

The pastry chef student probably has the greatest challenges and the wildest explorations of all the graduates of a culinary school. The chef who prepares the main dishes at a restaurant has room for innovation and invention, the sauce chef can experiment with some of the standards, but the dessert chef, also known as the pastry chef, spends an entire career pushing creative boundaries.

A chef may create a magnificent and highly decorated rack or crown roast of lamb--the delicate ends of the protruding rib bones are dressed with white paper hats or foil blossoms. A roast turkey arrives at the banquet table looking like a work of art. But it is only the pastry chef whose career can depend on the construction of intricate and elaborate banquet table centerpieces.

Culinary Artists: Creating Wedding Cakes and More

The next time you are at a formal banquet or a fancy wedding, take a look at the many examples of culinary art crafted by a pastry chef. The wedding cake is one. Some pastry chefs devote entire careers to the creation of elaborate and delicious wedding cakes. If there is a sculptural centerpiece, whether it is formed from ice, spun sugar, or molded chocolate, chances are, the culinary artist behind the work is probably a graduate of pastry chef school.

If you like food and are an artist at heart, you're probably the perfect candidate for a pastry chef career.