Chocolate Uses You May Not Probably Learn in Baking School

If you go to a baking school in New York, you'll probably hear it called CHAWK-litt, at a baking school in California, they'll say CHOCK-lett. No matter how you pronounce it or where you decide to start your baking education, there are some things about chocolate you won't learn in baking school.

Heaven for chocolate addicts

Leave it to the French, who, by the way, pronounce the sacred substance choke-o-LAHT, to find the ultimate use for chocolate. If you are truly nuts about chocolate, you might want to hop on the next plane for Paris, where you can bathe in it.

Like most of the strange things they say about the French, this one is true. There are a growing number of beauty salons and spas in the great city of art and romance that offer chocolate based beauty treatments. For a price���a fairly high price���they'll smear it on your face, rub it in your hair, or put you into a tub filled with it.

The treatments use pure chocolate, cocoa extracts, chocolate oils, chocolate essences, and special soaps loaded with chocolate. The fatty oils from chocolate, in the form of cocoa butter, have long been used as a skin softening and moisturizing cream. The new chocolate and beauty craze goes all the way and uses every part of the chocolate except the wrapper.

How chocolate and beauty mix

The beauty products made from this favorite food take advantage of the fibrous content of the chocolate, its essential fatty acids, as well as the proteins, glycerides, and vitamins it contains. These ingredients moisturize the skin, protect it with anti-oxidants, and exfoliate dead skin cells.

What the French beauticians don't say is what being surrounded by all that chocolate can do to your diet.