Why Catering School May Produce Good Cooks

OK, you love cooking, but you don't want to go through a full course at culinary school. You might consider a catering career. Jobs in catering will give you the pleasure of preparing exciting food for a variety of people. You'll also learn enough about food preparation at catering school to get you started in a cooking career. If you decide you want to leave catering to pursue a more formal culinary career, you can attend catering school while you are still working at a job in catering.

Catering careers have come a long way

There was a time when cucumber sandwiches and a dip made of dry onion soup mix and sour cream was all you needed to serve to party guests. Obviously, you don't have to go to catering school to learn that level of food preparation. Fortunately, food tastes have grown more sophisticated. Today a job in catering requires a wide knowledge of appetizers, light snacks, and small desserts.

Many catering companies will not hire kitchen personnel who have not graduated from a catering school. Both the catering chefs and the companies that employ them have to be prepared for exotic requests from clients. You may prepare curried lobster balls for a wedding one day, a chopped liver sculpture for a bar mitzvah the next day, and Danish-style open sandwiches for a corporate meeting the day after that.

The challenges you face and the opportunity to prepare a variety of dishes are some of the best advantages of a job in catering. Even if you had not planned to move from catering into a career as a chef, you'll find the idea tempting. You'll discover that the techniques you learned at catering school apply to so many other kinds of cooking. If you start out loving food and cooking, your catering career will expand that love.