Baking and Pastry School: How to Start Your Career in Weddings

With sizes ranging from one-tier to eight-tier, colors ranging from white to dark brown (and every rainbow shade in between), and flavors from vanilla to Grand Marnier to red velvet, a career baking wedding cakes may allow you to fully express your creativity.

Part of one of the most lavish weddings of our time, Donald Trump's Grand Marnier wedding cake had seven tiers and was decorated with 3,000 icing roses. In the United States, a wedding cake is one of the most important traditions, whether it's white with the traditional three tiers, a massive celebrity wedding cake, or a small, simple cake. If you enjoy baking, have an eye for design, and want to help couples' wedding dreams come true, getting baking training at a baking and pastry school could offer the career you've always wanted.

The Business of Baking Cakes: A Career for the Creative

With an increasing variety of flavors and styles, and the desire of many couples to have a wedding that reflects their tastes, wedding cakes have become a major business. Many couples are choosing chocolate cakes with chocolate frosting, light blue square cakes with icing ribbons, or cheesecakes with fresh fruit on top. Attending a baking and pastry school to get the right training may prepare you for a successful career in wedding cakes.

Why a Baking and Pastry School Program?

By getting your baking and pastry training through a school program, you may not only gain from the knowledge of expert bakers, but you may also develop a portfolio that shows potential employers (or clients) that you have the hard work and dedication to get the job done.

If your creative side expresses itself best in baking, consider getting your training, and prepare for a delicious career.