What a Baking and Pastry School May Do for You?

If you really like cooking and particularly enjoy inventing and producing tasty pastries and breads, or decorating cakes for special occasions, perhaps a career where you may spend all day doing this would be perfect for you. Find out how a course at a specialized baking and pastry school may help you on your way to a successful baking career.

Baking and pastry school may help you turn your enthusiasm for creating specialty breads and pastries into a baking career. Courses are available at a variety of levels, from the certificate to the bachelor's degree.

What May Baking and Pastry School Teach You?

Whichever level of course you choose, certain skills that are essential for a baking career may be included, such as:

  • Basic cooking techniques, with emphasis on the preparation of specialty breads, desserts, pastries, patisserie and other confections
  • Cake decorating
  • Chocolate work
  • Nutrition
  • Menu planning
  • Food safety
  • Cost control
  • The history of baking and pastry traditions around the world

At the associate's or bachelor's degree level, the school is also likely to include courses such as the following:

  • How to make your baking and pastry business profitable by using marketing, finance and computing skills
  • Managing and communicating with others.

What Sort of Jobs are Baking and Pastry School Graduates Qualified For?

Whichever baking career you have in mind, baking and pastry school may prepare you with the skills and knowledge for a career in baking. You may:

  • Focus on your bread making skills and pursue a baking career as an artisan bread baker.
  • Develop your teaching skills and become a baking and pastry instructor.
  • Start your own cafe, bakery or patisserie.
  • Open a cake decorating business.
  • Specialize in chocolate work and become a chocolatier.