A Baking Career Really Takes the Cake

A baking education may lead you in many directions. Some bakers choose pastry classes; others choose bread baking schools. If you love to bake and you want to exercise your most creative talents, pay attention in your cake baking class, and you may learn to produce edible, sculpted masterpieces.

One of the most highly specialized forms of baking training involves learning to make fancy cakes. Your experience in baking and pastry school will be memorable if you choose to pursue cake baking courses.

Cakes: Art You Can Eat

Today's fancy cakes exist on several levels at once. They are beautiful works of art with shapes and colors that attract and hold the eye. They are also innovative with unusual and unexpected constructions. Of course, the taste is the final level. The challenge is to create something that looks exciting and still pleases the palate.

Fancy Cake Tips

There are many ways you may make your cakes look unusual and fancy. For example, a cookie cutter placed on the first layer of frosting can be filled with a contrasting colored icing. When you remove the cookie cutter, the shape will remain.

Cut stencils in heavy, oiled paper. You can create leaves, flowers, or abstract patterns. Fill a cloth bag with a mixture of cocoa and confectioners sugar and dust it through the stencil to make designs directly on your iced cake. Then use a tube of icing gel with a thin tip to outline your cocoa patterns.

If you plan to repeat the stencil technique on several cakes, cut your pattern in a piece of mylar or a sheet of plastic. Wash the stencil carefully and put it in a safe place, and you'll have it for a long time.